Updated overtime rule on hold

Updated overtime rule on hold

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The Idaho Nonprofit Center is one of many trying to figure out what's next after a Texas judge made a big ruling Tuesday.

"The big question is now that this has been suspended, what are the steps we as organizations should take to address this temporary reprieve?" asked Amy Little, Executive Director of Idaho Nonprofit Center.


The law would also affect nonprofits, which is why the Idaho Non-profit center spent the morning alerting their members about the decision.

"I think it's kind of a mixed bag, I think the big emotion is 'oh my gosh, we just got through putting this plan in place, now what are we going to do?' So, I think it was a bit of a shock," said Little.

Little says most had already adjusted staffing and pay to be in compliance, and won't switch back even with the change on hold.

"If you've already actually gone down the path to putting a plan together and being compliant with those changes, it really doesn't make sense to back pedal at this point," said Little.

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