Trump Win Might Push More Onto State NPOs

Trump Win Might Push More Onto State NPOs

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As of this morning, Republicans also are projected to keep majorities in the House of Representatives (235-191) and the U.S. Senate (51-47). Despite one party controlling the legislative and executive branches, Tim Delaney expects gridlock to continue at the federal level. “Certainly there are different players and different roles but a lot seems to be baked into the system at this point,” said Delaney, president and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits. Divisions within both the Republican and Democratic parties will continue to push policy work to the state level “where so much has been happening,” he said.

There will be greater clarity in the coming months as the transition teams take time to put together a new executive branch. “The bottom line is, this is going to drive more policy work to the states,” Delaney said, although that won’t mean there won’t be any changes in federal policy.

Sequestration is one of the most pressing issues, he said. Shifts in federal priorities such as increased defense spending likely mean cuts to domestic spending. That normally means nonprofits and foundations have to pick up the slack, he said, “which we’ve been asked to pick up since the Great Recession started. There’s not much more room to pick up.”

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