Trump Tax Proposal Could Threaten Libraries

Trump Tax Proposal Could Threaten Libraries

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For library advocates, the everlasting battle for support on Capitol Hill has entered a new and dangerous phase with introduction of President Trump’s tax cut proposal this week. After staving off Trump’s budget proposal to eliminate all federal library funding, the GOP's bid to “simplify” the tax code could have a more serious, and systemic effect on libraries. In a release this week, the National Council of Nonprofits warned that charitable deductions—which libraries benefit from—are likely to go down dramatically under this bill, as many middle and upper-middle-class families would no longer itemize their deductions, and thus would lose their tax deduction.

At the ALA’s National Legislative Day in May, outgoing executive director Emily Sheketoff warned librarians to stay engaged with their local legislators. “If a tax bill goes through,” she said, that means less money [for libraries].”

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