'The invisible backbone of communities'

'The invisible backbone of communities'

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Besides meeting critical needs, local nonprofits soothe our souls with dance, music, theatrical productions, visual art and botanical gardens.

"They are the invisible backbone of communities," said Rick Cohen, chief operating officer at the National Council of Nonprofits. "Nonprofits are all around us and really make a difference in many, many ways."

It’s easy to think of them only in terms of the gaps they fill or segments of the community they serve, but these mission-driven organizations play a far bigger role.


This tax code change has rattled many Kentucky nonprofits, said Danielle Clore, executive director and CEO of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network.

“Doubling of the federal standard deduction is projected to reduce the number of individuals itemizing on their federal returns by 21 million people (nationwide),” Clore said. “Experts on both ends of the political spectrum predict sharp declines in giving ranging from $13 (billion) to $22 billion.”

The Kentucky Nonprofit Network supports a federal universal charitable-giving deduction that would allow all taxpayers to claim donations to nonprofits on their taxes, whether or not they itemize, Clore said. That legislation has some bipartisan support in Congress, she said. “We hope to see it gain traction in 2019. There is much at risk.”

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