Statement on the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act

Statement on the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act

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Upon the signing into law of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act, National Council of Nonprofits President and CEO Tim Delaney released the following statement:

“The Senate’s passage and the President’s signing of the PPP Flexibility Act is a welcome rejection of the wait-and-see attitude that had threatened to halt consideration of crucial, bipartisan reforms that the nonprofit community and others need. The reforms in the bill give both flexibility of action and time for nonprofits fortunate enough to have secured PPP loans to make more informed decisions. Now they can manage their operations based on mission demands and economic needs rather than rushing to conform to the program’s initial arbitrary rules.

“However, looming deadlines for PPP borrowers were only one set of time-sensitive and significant challenges nonprofits face. Reimbursing nonprofits in many states still have enormous unemployment bills immediately due and payable. Larger nonprofits still have not received relief, loans, or grants to help them avoid layoffs and address plummeting revenues and/or skyrocketing demands for their services. And without expanded incentives for charitable giving, nonprofits still are no closer to securing the resources they need to do their work for the public. So while we can briefly smile with relief that this PPP reform measure finally broke through the House and Senate, we all still have much more work ahead to get Congress to act on urgent nonprofit priorities.”

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