Senate Bill Would Provide For $50 Billion In NPO Aid

Senate Bill Would Provide For $50 Billion In NPO Aid

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The WORK NOW Act is a “front-burner issue” as the Biden Administration and Congress get to work on their next legislative priority, an infrastructure package, Thompson said. “It is a jobs bill – the grant money would go to bringing back some of the million jobs lost during the pandemic and hiring unemployed people to address community needs. That purpose and result earn it a place on the list of reasonable provisions,” he said.


“No one is using the term ‘shovel-ready projects’ anymore, but just about every charitable organization in every community could advance its mission and expand its impact if it had the resources to hire the staff to truly get the work done,” Thompson said. “I’d say that reality is the underlying basis of the WORK NOW Act – to get people in jobs quickly and meaningfully, tap the charitable nonprofit community to get things done efficiently and effectively,” he said.

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