Report Calls on Nonprofits to Engage, Unite in Collective Advocacy

Report Calls on Nonprofits to Engage, Unite in Collective Advocacy

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Only 2.98 percent of the nearly 1.3 million 501(c)(3) public charities in the United States currently lobby policy makers as a way to advance their mission, a report from the National Council of Nonprofits finds.


"We wrote the report specifically for the twelve-point-three million nonprofit employees, sixty-four million nonprofit board members and volunteers, and tens of millions of donors who support the work of nonprofits," said National Council of Nonprofits president and CEO Tim Delaney. "These dedicated people often focus so much on advancing their own nonprofit's mission that there's little time to see the trends and challenges emerging around them....We firmly believe that if a critical mass of people connected to nonprofits knew more about what nonprofits share in common and how their interests align, then nonprofits would unite and have the collective power to overcome those shared challenges and advance their particular missions even further to shape a better future for everyone."

An accompanying website provides additional state-by-state data and reportsdownloadable charts and figures, and other resources.

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