For-profit giving normalized as crowdfunding matures

For-profit giving normalized as crowdfunding matures

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But some nonprofits lag behind for-profit crowdfunding campaigns as consumers give more to businesses and individual causes, no matter how outlandish. Current crowdfunding campaigns include saving Toys R Us and funding porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against President Trump.

“It can siphon money away from charitable causes for what are individual causes or needs, or investments,” says Jim White, director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, in a reference to crowdfunding. “There is competition that is created."


Plenty of savvy nonprofits, White says, have caught on to the crowdfunding strategy. It just requires a pirouette in strategic thinking. Sell the cause with the immediacy that drives home a crowdfunded product.  

Natural disasters, of course, prompt nonprofit giving on crowdfunding sites. But nonprofits without an immediate event can create one by pointing to recent research or news coverage that brings attention to an issue.  

“When a nonprofit can show the impact and urgency of their mission, that’s an effective way to capture attention,” White says. “you can pivot information you have that is unique.”

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Oregon Business

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