Parents, Foundation In College Bribe Row May Face IRS Ire

Parents, Foundation In College Bribe Row May Face IRS Ire

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Rick Cohen, who is chief communications and chief operating officer of the National Council of Nonprofits, welcomed scrutiny for public charities because he said he believes oversight is a good thing.

“We don’t want these sham organizations within our midst,” he told Law360. “If a nonprofit is operating legally and ethically, it has nothing to fear, from whether it’s the IRS or a state charity official looking closer at helping to get the scams and the frauds out of our midst.”

The IRS has been chronically underfunded over the last few years, and the section that works with nonprofits has seen its budget cut, which has hindered its ability to carry out oversight, Cohen explained.

“So if this helps with ensuring the IRS and state charity officials have the resources they need to look through Form 990s, to additional oversight of the form 1023, way in the beginning, or the 1023-EZ, which we continue to have concerns with, then it’s better for all nonprofits when we can make sure that these sorts of scams aren’t occurring in the future.”

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