Pa. nonprofits wary of lack of budget progress

Pa. nonprofits wary of lack of budget progress

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Ann Gingerich, executive director at the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, says 135 state nonprofits had to borrow nearly $200 million to continue operating last year.

Now, many are paying interest on those loans on top of operating costs.

If there is another significant budget delay, Gingerich says the costs may not be manageable anymore, a situation that could have repercussions for people around the commonwealth who depend on nonprofit services.

"We don't have a lot of faith given the last budget cycle," Gingerich said. "So of course there's concern, especially when we know that the clients that are being impacted by the services we provide may or may not be able to receive services very long into this current fiscal year."

Last year's funding delays compromised food programs for the elderly and services for domestic abuse victims.

"Generally speaking, these are the most vulnerable among us and they really do need to have the services that are available," Gingerich said.

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