Not-for-Profit, For-the-Economy

Not-for-Profit, For-the-Economy

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According to Alaska Nonprofit Sector: Generating Economic Impact, the fourth iteration of the report and published in January 2018, 44,100 people were directly employed by nonprofit organizations in 2015—and counting indirect and induced jobs, that number jumps to more than 67,000. “If nonprofits were treated as their own industry, they would be the second largest source of non-government employment behind oil and gas in Alaska,” according to the report. Nonprofits provide almost twice as many jobs as the next largest sector (tourism) and employ nearly two-thirds as many people as the largest sector (oil and gas). The report continues to say 17 percent of all employment in Alaska is in the nonprofit sector, including up to 40 percent of all employment in some rural areas.

In 2015 the sector paid a total of $3.89 billion in total wages: $2.68 billion through direct jobs and $605 million for induced jobs and $605 million in indirect jobs. As a group, nonprofits generated $6.98 billion in revenue in 2016. In fact, from 2013 to 2016 (generally bad years for Alaska), this sector actually saw revenues go up, rising 6 percent in those three years. According to the report, “At the same time [period], state economic output as measured by gross domestic product fell by about 15 percent, from $58.9 billion to $50.7 billion. This illustrates how nonprofits are a stabilizing factor in the economy.”

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Alaska Business

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