Nonprofits work to fill gaps in service

Nonprofits work to fill gaps in service

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“These nonprofits make all the difference,” St. George Mayor Jon Pike said. “We cannot do it without them and without each other and without believing in whatever individual cause each organization has. That’s how we’ll make the ends meet.”

Pike and other municipal officials had a chance to workshop with nonprofits on Thursday during the annual mid-year conference of the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

Representatives from both sides were hoping to exchange information and ideas, aiming to make better use of the various resources available through coordination, said Chris Bray, chief executive officer of the Utah Nonprofits Association.

“Nonprofits impact our lives every day, and we seem to be this invisible sector,” she said. “My goal today is that we raise the visibility and we talk a little bit about who nonprofits are and what we do and ways we can collaborate and be problem solvers.

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St. George Daily Spectrum
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