Nonprofits wonder, worry about Trump’s policies

Nonprofits wonder, worry about Trump’s policies

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“People are apprehensive, people are wondering what’s going to happen on a whole bunch of fronts,” said Jim Klocke, CEO of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. “There’s an awful lot of concern out there.”


If government-funded programs are reduced under a Trump administration, charities worry they’ll be left to pick up the slack even as they struggle with existing workloads.

“All of those people will then turn to nonprofits for assistance,” added Tim Delaney, CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits. “There’s an expectation that nonprofits and private philanthropy will fill the void, but the nonprofit community is exhausted…and one more straw on this camel’s back can break us.”

Nonprofits wonder if Trump’s bark will also have bite

Given the disparaging remarks Trump has made about immigrants, women, and other minority groups, nonprofits that work with those populations wonder how Trump’s words will play out once he’s in office.

“We can only hope that the campaign rhetoric that stoked fires of bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia...doesn’t manifest itself in policies and practices that govern this nation,” said Michael Weekes, chief executive of the Boston-based Providers’ Council, a statewide association of human services organizations. “If that language translates into policies, then we’ve got a problem.”

“There’s tremendous anxiety for nonprofit missions,” added Delaney. “People are feeling vulnerable because of the highly charged negative campaign language and they’re searching for answers, and those answers will not be forthcoming for a while.”

On the other hand, Delaney said, “now’s the opportunity for the nonprofit community to do what we do so well, which is to bring people together.”

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Boston Globe

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