Nonprofits struggling to hire staff amid labor shortage

Nonprofits struggling to hire staff amid labor shortage

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David L. Thompson is with the National Council of Nonprofits, which represents a network of 25,000 nonprofits across the country.

“It's a significant problem for nonprofits,” he said.

The services each nonprofit offers may be unique, but they share the same problem. A survey from the National Council of Nonprofits found that 80% of the organizations surveyed said salary has become a major issue in hiring, with real consequences.

“We hear about the labor shortage for restaurants, and you may have to spend another minute or two in the drive-thru,” Thompson said. “For nonprofits, literally the case in Montana for a domestic violence shelter, people are having to wait a month because there are not enough staff.”

He said trying to fundraise a shortfall is a short-term solution to a problem needing a longer-term fix. That means possibly revisiting contracts some nonprofits may have signed with local governments to provide services, as well as other legislative moves.

“There's the something called the Employee Retention Tax Credit that Congress created during the pandemic that expired and needs to be extended,” Thompson said. “That's something that Congress can do right now and it has bipartisan support.”

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