Nonprofits should educate voters, not endorse candidates

Nonprofits should educate voters, not endorse candidates

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Nonprofits should not be a tool for candidate endorsement or as a funnel for campaign funding for candidates at any level. I have had discussions with leaders in the nonprofit sector, clergy and other faith leaders, donors, board members and business leaders and they consistently tell me that allowing nonprofits to endorse candidates is a terrible idea. It could cloud our missions, tear apart our staffs and split our board rooms.

I urge nonprofit leaders and their allies to continue having conversations with policymakers about the damaging effects of eliminating or weakening the Johnson Amendment. There are better ways for nonprofits to be involved in civic engagement through public education, advocacy, lobbying and encouraging people to vote and make informed decisions at the polls. We are not a sector that is here to enter the world of candidate endorsement.

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The Journal Record

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