Nonprofits pump $12B a year into Maine’s economy, report says

Nonprofits pump $12B a year into Maine’s economy, report says

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Nonprofit organizations in Maine contribute around $12 billion a year to the state's economy and employ more than 98,000 people, says a report by the Maine Association of Nonprofits.

The 28-page report, "Adding Up Impact: Maine Nonprofits at Work," was released Thursday. It says that Maine's nonprofit sector paid more than $4.7 billion in wages, or 17.9% of the state's total wages, in 2017. The wages translated into an estimated $271 million in personal income tax revenue for Maine's state and local governments and more than $809 million in federal tax revenues, it found.


"Advocacy is a critical part of the success of mission-driven organizations across the state," Jennifer Hutchins, MANP's executive director, said in a news release emailed on Wednesday. "Not only does this promote the richness and diversity of the sector, it strengthens relationships between nonprofit leaders and public officials."

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