Nonprofits call on state leaders to 'pass a budget' today

Nonprofits call on state leaders to 'pass a budget' today

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Anne Gingerich, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, said passing a stopgap budget at this time is no longer acceptable.

"It's too late. That was a few months ago. We need to get a budget passed and we need to start looking at next year's budget frankly and how to build a system so that we do not go through this again," Gingrich said.


Without a budget, Gingerich said it is putting the state's most vulnerable individuals and families in a situation where they can't get the help they need. That is why, she said the time has come for the state's elected officials to do what people elected them to do and reach a consensus.

"Pass a budget for all Pennsylvanians today," she said.

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