Nonprofit groups grapple with tax changes

Nonprofit groups grapple with tax changes

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The implications for nonprofit groups could be drastic— the council estimates it could reduce nonprofit giving by $13 billion a year, according to its analysis of the tax plan.

“That’s a powerful deduction. It’s real money, it’s sizeable,” said Jim Klocke, CEO of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, a statewide advocacy group.

Many nonprofits run aggressive fundraising campaigns at the end of the year to bring attention to the tax benefits of a donation before Dec. 31, Klocke said, a strategy that may see less return in 2018.

“It’s not too soon to start planning new fundraising strategies,” he said. “Understand how this will affect your donors. It won’t affect the high-income donors, it won’t affect the low-income donors; it will affect your middle-income donors who used to itemize but now can’t.”

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