A New President, New Nonprofit Role

A New President, New Nonprofit Role

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With so much at stake, if you lead a nonprofit it’s important that you get your board to champion advocacy as a core part of your organization’s mission. That isn’t always comfortable — but it can be essential to fulfilling the mission your organization was created for. It’s important, too, to understand that what you can do personally and what your organization can do (or what you can do under its auspices) are not the same thing. Know the boundaries and be sure to keep them clear and separate.

And whenever you feel you need more information, the Center for Non-Profits can provide you or connect you to the help you need to navigate these rules.

Nonprofits have been at the forefront of some of the most important social advances in our nation’s history. I don’t expect that to change. Whichever way the political winds blow, there is a critical role for us doing things to further a just, prosperous, and equitable society. It takes courage, work, stamina, and perseverance — attributes that the nonprofit community has never found to be in short supply.

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