A New Mission for Nonprofits During the Outbreak: Survival

A New Mission for Nonprofits During the Outbreak: Survival

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Crucial spring fund-raisers and conferences have been canceled or moved to less lucrative online venues. Donors are stretched in many directions, preoccupied with their own problems, and much less flush than they were two months ago. Nonprofits that are paid by local governments said new rules against large gatherings were making their services impossible to deliver, placing their existence at risk.

“Everyone is losing revenue, and many have skyrocketing demand. You do the math,” said Tim Delaney, chief executive of the 25,000-member National Council of Nonprofits.

In an ordinary disaster, Mr. Delaney said, no matter how severe the impact, there is a border beyond which life is normal. “Here there is no border,” he said. “We see the first tidal wave coming in, but know there will be a second, a third and a fourth after it.”

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The New York Times

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