New Federal Tax Code Means Angst For Colorado Nonprofits

New Federal Tax Code Means Angst For Colorado Nonprofits

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Lydia McCoy, Vice President of the Colorado Nonprofit Association, says it's no coincidence that there are mailers and calls going out from nonprofits this time of year.

"Nonprofits are saying 'this is a great time' to ask people to consider us when they're looking at charitable giving," she says.

The fear is not that people will stop giving to charitable organizations entirely, but that they'll give less. McCoy is hopeful, however, that with more money in Coloradan's pockets, they'll still make a point to give.

"We know that people's number one reason to give is because it's a cause they're passionate about. But, I do fear that we'll see a decrease in giving because people won't be doing the math necessarily around taxes and say I need to give 'this much' to get my full deduction," she says.

"Instead they'll give enough to make them feel good, but it may not be as much as they have in the past."

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Colorado Public Radio

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