A new crop of nonprofit leaders takes the helm in Northeast Ohio

A new crop of nonprofit leaders takes the helm in Northeast Ohio

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Though no database tracks these types of changes, Rick Cohen, chief communications officer and chief operating officer at the National Council of Nonprofits, said anecdotally there's has been a bit of an uptick beyond the usual turnover for a variety of reasons.

"Sometimes, timing just happens to be coincidental where a few prominent folks all leave around the same time, but we are seeing the effects of the pandemic weighing on that a little bit, where some people who intended to pursue another opportunity or retire last year felt a moral obligation to kind of stick things out during a very difficult time for a lot of nonprofits," Cohen said. "You're seeing kind of a confluence of regular turnover as well as some slightly delayed turnover that didn't take place over the last year."

Plus, a lot of people might be burned out, moving to retirement or shifting to opportunities at other organizations where they may have discovered or renewed a passion within the past year, Cohen said.


New leaders coming onboard around the same time can allow them to become an informal cohort, Cohen said. And there's now an even greater opportunity for leaders to — as they get settled with their new organizations — work with one another to look at the lessons from the distant and recent past and learn together.

"This last year has been an opportunity to learn from forced experiments, and being able to share those learnings with someone with a similar length of tenure, it's something that gives comfort," Cohen said. "It's good to have people who are in a similar boat to you, and those kind of opportunities lend themselves well to helping those executives, as well as the organizations that they're leading."

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Crain's Cleveland Business
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