Maruyama Shares Her Experience at HANO

Maruyama Shares Her Experience at HANO

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Maruyama, who has been at HANO since September 2008, shared her most memorable experience with working at HANO.

During the recession, when the Hawaii state legislature was looking everywhere for money, there was a bill that was made to remove all sales tax exemptions for businesses in almost every industry, including HANO. 


The speaker of the Finance Committee felt that all the lobbyists that showed up for the night hearing were there for their own special interests. He was provoking every lobbyist on the bill to explain their reasoning as to why they should be tax exempted.

At the moment when the speaker called on Maruyama to share her reasons, the first thought that came to her mind was to be her authentic self.

“With all due respect Mr. Speaker. I don’t even know why I am here. I am not of special interest,” Maruyama told the Chaminade students as she recalled her meeting with the committee. “We are your partner in government. If you charge us tax on this do you really think we can afford this tax? Do you think if you impose this tax on us, and we close our doors, do you think the government can do this in our place for cheaper, faster and more efficiently? Do you not rely on us as a partner to meet your goals? And so why are you treating us like this? Why would you do this to us? We are not here for the preservation of our organization. We are here for the preservation of the community for services that even you, Mr. Speaker avail yourself of.” 

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