Maine Governor Proposes Taxes on Nonprofits

Maine Governor Proposes Taxes on Nonprofits

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The Maine Governor’s budget plan calls for ending revenue sharing with municipalities and replacing those funds by allowing communities to tax the property of larger nonprofits. The Governor’s budget plan, if adopted, would remove the full exemption from property taxation on properties owned by nonprofit organizations with an assessed value in excess of $500,000, and reduce the exemption to 50 percent on the portion of the value in excess of $500,000. Private college officials are warning that the “undue economic burden” placed on them through property taxes could result in tuition increases. Land-conservation trusts are also concerned about the impact of new taxes on setting aside public land. Also, smaller, rural communities that have long depended on state revenue-sharing, and don’t have larger nonprofits to tax, would suffer. Governor LePage is the politician who days after re-election in November asserted that Maine nonprofits “don’t pay their fair share” and “are takers, not givers,” a mindset that has been thoroughly rebutted by Maine Association of Nonprofits

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