LePage values nonprofits, then says they’re takers

LePage values nonprofits, then says they’re takers

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The information the governor is delivering throughout the state is inconsistent with his budget proposal. The statements he has made about the nonprofit sector not contributing to society are inconsistent with earlier statements he has made praising nonprofits.

During his 2014 re-election campaign, for example, the governor stated in his response to the Maine Association of Nonprofits’ candidate questionnaire: “The work that nonprofits do in Maine is critical. These nonprofit organizations are comprised of amazing volunteers, supporters and staff that provide exceptional services and programs to the people of Maine.” He elaborated in a Jan. 20, 2015, letter to MANP in which he wrote, “Maine nonprofits provide invaluable services to communities throughout Maine,” adding that “hospitals, advocacy organizations, religious institutions and health and human services providers are just some of the nonprofits that advance the quality of life for Maine citizens.”

Statements made by the governor about an entire sector not paying their fair share or not contributing to society are concerning to say the least. It is important that the public be aware that these inconsistencies exist in the governor’s statements. One has to wonder, when the governor states that nonprofits are not contributing to society, is he referring to domestic violence shelters, mental health organizations and summer camps for children? Is he referring to museums, or libraries or historic land sites that enrich our communities? It is difficult to know.

To be clear, the Maine nonprofit sector comprises organizations such as veterans groups, domestic violence prevention programs, churches, museums, theaters, hospitals, economic development organizations, educational institutions, land trusts, social service agencies, environmental organizations and many others that not only play a significant economic role in Maine, but also enhance our quality of life.

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Bangor Daily News

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