Lawmakers debate over who should decide nonprofit status

Lawmakers debate over who should decide nonprofit status

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But some nonprofits say the current rules aren’t consistent. Courts can rule one organization meets the requirements for nonprofit status, while ruling a similar organization in a different municipality does not meet the requirements.

“We are here to do good with the context of our communities,” Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations Executive Director Anne Gingerich said. “And when we get distracted by having conversations about whether or not we’re even legal and how we’re able to operate, we’re not able to focus on our missions.”

Gingerich says those missions can save taxpayer dollars because nonprofit work can relieve the government of the burden of providing those services. She points to physical and mental health as an example.

“We don’t have the bureaucracy that government has,” Gingerich said. “So there are times we can serve more effectively and more efficiently.”

Both DePasquale and Gingerich say the public needs more information before this kind of amendment should pass.

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ABC 27

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