How the AG contenders would run the Charities Bureau

How the AG contenders would run the Charities Bureau

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“I’ve seen no comments from any of the candidates,” Doug Sauer, CEO of the New York Council of Nonprofits, said in a telephone interview, on the regulatory issues that face nonprofits. He added that much of the illegal activity that happens in nonprofits comes from a lack of understanding of all the laws and regulations that govern their establishment, operation, fundraising and other activities – rather than high-profile cases of intentional wrongdoing.

“It’s easy to talk about the corruption or go at what they’re doing to the Trump Foundation and some high-profile things,” he said. “(But) most problems in the not-for-profit community are not the scandals that you see. Most are because people aren’t informed, or they don’t know how to best operate and they don’t understand the law.”

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