How Nonprofits Operate Within Politics

How Nonprofits Operate Within Politics

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“As it comes to election season, nonprofit organizations that serve a particular type of mission whether they’re serving communities that are impacted with poverty or homelessness or education they can support issues that impact that piece of their mission. What nonprofit organizations as a general rule cannot do is lobby on behalf of a candidate or a political party. Nonprofit organizations have to make sure that their message and what they are talking about in election season ties back to mission and issue and not candidate or political party.”

Rubalcava re-iterated that 501(c)(3) organizations should not be afraid to speak out about political issues that they care about.

“They shouldn’t be fearful of talking about issues that impact the organization. The line really is making sure that you’re not lobbying for a political party or candidate. If there was a particular candidate that came up about this bond issue it would be very important to make sure that they looked at the issue and not the candidate.”

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