Gov. Malloy's Deficit-Cutting Plan Takes a Chunk From DCF

Gov. Malloy's Deficit-Cutting Plan Takes a Chunk From DCF

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"We're hearing from DCF line workers and regional managers that they're having great pressures -- even if they think a child should go to a group home -- not to place a child there whenever possible," Bye said. "We have to be really careful not to use the budget crisis to push this even further and faster."

Ron Cretaro, Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits, represents 100 organizations that contract services to DCF. He said DCF's reliance on foster care has led to at least ten homes closing in the last year, and he questioned what community supports exist for foster families. "Many of the kids who have gone into group care, historically, have a greater level of needs and challenges," he said. "So it's going to put extra stress on foster parents."

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