End-of-Year Giving Remains Vital to NJ’s Nonprofits

End-of-Year Giving Remains Vital to NJ’s Nonprofits

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“The holidays are traditionally a time of giving. People are thinking more generously, thinking of others, so it fits with the spirit of the season,” says Linda Czipo. “We’ve also got tax considerations. The end-of-the-year tax incentives expire Dec. 31.”

Czipo is the Executive Director of New Jersey’s Center for Non-Profits, an umbrella organization for charities across the state. She says many nonprofits receive most of their donations in the last quarter of the year, and particularly in December.


She says it’s all about impact. She cautions to beware of buying into what’s called “the overhead myth.” That’s the idea that a nonprofit’s effectiveness can be judged by the percentage of its budget that goes to rent, salaries and other administrative costs.

“Charities, like any other successful organization, have expenses that are called overhead. It’s things like the audit, so you can be sure that the finances are being spent appropriately. It’s things like insurance, so that they’re protected against risk or exposure. It’s the facilities, keeping the lights on, making sure the facility is safe,” Czipo explains, “and things like spreading the word and fundraising. These are all important and necessary expenses to a well-run organization.”

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