Employers fret about overtime rules changes

Employers fret about overtime rules changes

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The Maine Association of Nonprofits quickly responded to multiple inquiries from its membership around the new OT rules and offered a webinar earlier this summer. Fifty organizations signed up, said Mary Erin Casale, spokeswoman for the organization.

Casale said it’s a difficult issue for many nonprofits because many workers are attracted by an organization’s mission as much as the pay or benefits. So they may not mind a little extra time at work here or there and might not be diligent about tracking hours.

“There’s definitely an element of passion for people who do the work,” Casale said. “It’s a balancing act. They still have to be financially solvent. This is about finding compliance and a good culture for your workplace.”


A survey by the National Council of Nonprofits of its members found widespread confusion about the new rules and concerns among nonprofits because they are going to be implemented right in the middle of many of the contracts with government agencies for some services. The new rules were announced just before the new fiscal years for many nonprofits, giving them only a few weeks to factor in potential OT costs.

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Portland Press Herald

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