Combat These 5 Major Causes of Donor Fatigue

Combat These 5 Major Causes of Donor Fatigue

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According to Rick Cohen, chief communications officer and chief operating officer of the National Council of Nonprofits, “People give because they believe in the work and the mission of the nonprofit. Continuing to keep that connection front-and-center helps keep donors.”

“You can accomplish this connection, Cohen suggests, by, “staying in regular (but not overwhelming) contact with past donors. Help keep them connected to the work of the nonprofit and let them know how their contributions make a difference.”


As Rick Cohen further explains, “tracking in a database that one donor feels a personal connection to the job training program and another feels more of a connection with the housing program can allow that nonprofit to send out more specific updates related to the work that matters most to a particular donor.

“It also helps ensure a donor doesn’t unsubscribe from updates when they see a bunch of emails on a program they don’t feel as strongly about.”

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