Charity Inc.: A state with no nonprofits?

Charity Inc.: A state with no nonprofits?

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But another question arises and causes some concern. Nonprofits – as a whole – don’t have quite the seat at the community table as our governmental and for-profit counterparts. Embedded within our charitable sector is a strong resource of intellectual and social capital, tens of thousands of experts in their respective fields working tirelessly each day to effect lasting change.

What if they disappeared? What if – tomorrow – we woke up and there was no safety net there? While Oklahoma is a self-sufficient, boot straps kind of place, without nonprofits to help guide our communities, those boot straps will weaken and eventually break.

We could be facing a tipping point in Oklahoma. Nonprofits report that demand is high and resources, both financial and human, are limited. More than ever, our communities and our residents are turning to nonprofits to enhance quality of life, and philanthropists with increasingly limited funds are dependent upon the organizations to carry out their own vision of community investment.

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The Journal Record
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