Charity Inc.: Nonprofit exemptions

Charity Inc.: Nonprofit exemptions

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With a historic election days away, I would be remiss not to dedicate a column to a perplexing trend affecting nonprofits. As I have noted before, nonprofits are under increasing pressure to serve more people with fewer resources – both in manpower and in cash. In the nonprofit world, we truly mean it when we say “No money, no mission.”

But at a time when nonprofits are doubling efforts to reach out to donors and fill gaps to serve those in need, it seems that some cash-strapped government entities are looking to nonprofits to partially refill their dwindling coffers. In our world, the jargon is known as a PILOT – payment in lieu of taxes. But an even more unsettling trend is happening – nonprofits are losing other types of exemptions. Government officials, legislators, assessors and even citizens are questioning charitable purposes of organization.

I sit on the board of the National Council of Nonprofits, a network of state nonprofit associations. One story we have been discussing for months is the erosion of some property tax exemptions for certain types of nonprofits. Some are large hospital systems with tens of millions of dollars in physical assets. Others are senior living facilities or nonprofit-owned housing.

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