Charity Inc.: National concerns

Charity Inc.: National concerns

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The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, along with the National Council of Nonprofits and state association leaders from around the country, continue to have concerns about three significant issues that will affect the charitable sector. Nonpartisanship requirements for nonprofits as determined by the Johnson Amendment, which bars nonprofit organizations and churches from interfering with elections by endorsing candidates, are one of those hot-button issues.

The center continues to believe that the Johnson Amendment protects our sector from unwanted partisan candidate interference so that we may maintain neutrality in our missions and programs.

However, two other issues will have significant effects on the sector should tax reform and budgeting measures pass Congress and be signed into law. The first is maintaining the charitable giving incentives for individuals to donate to charity. Currently, those individuals who itemize on their tax returns may receive a tax deduction for their charitable gifts.

Language currently afloat regarding tax reform includes doubling the standard deduction for individuals to simplify their returns. This could reduce the rate of the number of families who itemize from 30 percent to just 5 percent, and this could disincentivize giving.

Another proposal that was rumored during the elections was to cap charitable deductions at $100,000 for individuals. That would also hurt those large individual gifts for charity, transformative gifts that assist nonprofits with major campaigns or capital needs.

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