Charity Inc.: Dig deep into your hearts

Charity Inc.: Dig deep into your hearts

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Culturally, we are almost hard-wired to make December a season of giving. Many times, faith is at play, as religious holidays centered around giving occur in December, and we celebrate the prosperity of a new year at the end of the month.

All told, we Oklahomans make December not about ourselves but about each other, and we give to the organizations and people that matter most.

Philanthropy isn’t a phenomenon only for the wealthy. Giving happens at every level, and households making less than $100,000 are (not surprisingly) the most generous of donors, according to GivingUSA. You don’t need to have a huge corporation or foundation to make a difference. Your gifts – be them financial or volunteer – can transform local nonprofits and change lives. Our communities and our state will thrive thanks to your generosity and spirit.

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The Journal Record
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