Charities Concerned Tax Law Could Lead To Drop In Donations

Charities Concerned Tax Law Could Lead To Drop In Donations

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“We have estimates of anywhere from $13 to $21 billion dollars in a loss for charitable donations across the country,” said Kate Rubalcava, CEO of the Utah Nonprofits Association. “In Utah, specifically, we’re not seeing that type of projected loss.” 

Rubalcava said it will be very difficult to predict exactly how the tax law changes will impact charitable giving until taxpayers start gathering all their documents needed to file for their 2019 taxes. 

“It won’t be until we have to do our taxes, and then we’ll see what those changes really do to impact our own tax situations,” she explained. 

Rubalcava believes most Utahns will keep giving, whether or not they reap a tax benefit.  

“Statistics and data within Utah suggest that is the central part of our core. Ninety-two percent of Utahns give to give back and 87 percent give to make a difference in their communities,” she said.   

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