Cancelled: Nonprofits Bailing On Major Annual Events

Cancelled: Nonprofits Bailing On Major Annual Events

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coalition of 30 national nonprofits penned a letter to Congress calling for nonprofits to be included in any COVID-19 relief or stimulus package. It stressed that nonprofits be included in any tax or other relief targeted for small businesses as well as support for funds to pay for increased costs and demand for services in response to the pandemic.

“Nonprofits are getting crunched between two colliding forces: dramatically increased demand for their services and likely significant declines in resources – and from what we’re already hearing, it will get much worse before it gets better,” said National Council of Nonprofits President and CEO Tim Delaney. “People will be turning to nonprofits for all manner of assistance but nonprofits will be facing down canceled fundraising events, reduced staffing, fewer volunteers, and reductions in other giving because people will have less to give,” he said.

“Most nonprofits don’t have endowments or even large rainy-day funds to tape. Too often, legislation turns an inadvertent blind eye to nonprofits, not factoring in that they cannot tape certain tax credits or deductions,” he said. “We call on Congress to ensure that the organization that will be on the front lines of the response and recovery be expressly included in any relief or stimulus legislation.”

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