Bob Smucker Dies: A Founding Father of Nonprofit Advocacy

Bob Smucker Dies: A Founding Father of Nonprofit Advocacy

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Smucker was among the founders of CLPI in 1988. The organization’s program content and materials was folded into the National Council of Nonprofits in 2012. He wrote “The Nonprofit Lobbying Guide” in 1999 which is out of print but still available for download at Independent Sector’s website. The guide is the essential resource for nonprofits in lobbying their causes before local, state or federal officials.


“The nonprofit sector and our country owe Bob Smucker a tremendous debt of gratitude. He believed in the wisdom of the American people and the power of giving voice to that wisdom through advocacy,” said Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits. “Bob shared his belief and passion with countless nonprofits over the years,” he said, and as the first leader of CLPI ensured that nonprofits had the tools and knowledge to be effective advocates.

“As a fellow believer in the power of everyday nonprofit advocacy as a means for individuals to collectively lift their voices to have a rightful say in determining their own future, and as CEO of the organization that now houses the resources developed by CLPI over the years, we are proud to carry on his legacy,” said Delaney.

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