Benefits Of Group Buying Programs In The Nonprofit Sector

Benefits Of Group Buying Programs In The Nonprofit Sector

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Laura Pierce, Executive Director of Washington Nonprofits, shared with me that her organization offers members access to the 501 Commons Resource Directory. The directory recommends consultants who have legal, accounting and financial expertise, as well as proficiency in areas of importance, such as advocacy, fundraising and board governance.

I was struck by the super modern and clean website that Melkis Alvarez-Baez, the Deputy Director of The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC), directed me to when we went over their group buying program. In addition to offering discounts on important products and services to their members, NPCC also set up a "Who Does What" resource directory to help their members. This online searchable database helps New York City-area nonprofits connect with other nonprofits that offer technical assistance, including management, financial, legal and other such resources, to other nonprofit organizations.

I was similarly impressed by the innovation of Jan Masaoka’s organization the California Association of Nonprofits (Cal Nonprofits). Jan, the CEO, shared that her group set up Cal Nonprofits Insurance Services, a member-owned for-profit subsidiary, to provide health, life, disability, and property and casualty insurance to their members.

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