Another target of Republican tax bill: donations to nonprofits

Another target of Republican tax bill: donations to nonprofits

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It’s a heavy lift even in the best of times. And thanks to the Republican-driven tax “reform” legislation now hurtling through Congress like a runaway freight train, these are far from the best of times.

“Overall, it’s pretty scary to us,” said Jennifer Burns Gray, director of advocacy and public relations for the Maine Association of Nonprofits, in an interview Wednesday. “Folks are feeling very anxious.”

Why? Because the tax proposals both in the House and Senate could well throw a wet blanket on charitable giving here in Maine and beyond.


But equally distressing, from Gray’s perspective, is the corrosive effect repeal of the Johnson amendment would have on nonprofits’ credibility overall.

“A key part of our federal tax law is that nonprofits can’t engage in partisan politics,” Gray said, envisioning an explosion of “sham nonprofits that can just funnel money to partisan candidates and campaigns. It just would really damage the integrity of the (nonprofit) sector.”

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Portland Press Herald

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