$900 Billion At Stake For Charity In Data

$900 Billion At Stake For Charity In Data

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The report represents only the first salvo in the data’s potential impact on nonprofits. The surveying process in 2020 had several hurdles. The Trump administration’s maneuvers to include a citizenship question on the form might have tamped down participation. Additionally, traditional in-person data collection efforts were hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, as health protocols discouraged face-to-face interactions.

Because of these factors, the results are likely to be litigated on the federal, state and local levels. The stakes are large: Washington D.C.-based National Council of Nonprofits President and CEO Tim Delaney estimates there is $900 billion in federal distributions riding on the results.

“If you live in an area where everyone is counted, you get your fair share of federal dollars,” Delaney said. “But if someone is not counted, they still exist. They still need food, they still need education, they still need transportation, they still need all the basics.”

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