8 Ways to Give More to Charity This Year

8 Ways to Give More to Charity This Year

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“We hope Congress will extend this provision. For now, we hope that everyone knows and makes use of this provision to help a nonprofit in their community,” says Richard Cohen, chief communications officer and chief operating officer with the National Council of Nonprofits in the District of Columbia.


Not that the big national or international charities wouldn’t appreciate your help, but Cohen suggests starting in your own backyard.

“Many small nonprofits in local communities are struggling right now with decreased donations, increased costs and increased demand for services. Every donation can make a huge difference for the people who rely on that nonprofit,” Cohen says.


“This outdated method of evaluation referred to as ‘the overhead myth’ is even less helpful now as so many nonprofits had significantly higher overhead costs this past year for technology to deliver services virtually,” Cohen says. “Or, if they provide a service that required them to remain open, (there may be) costs for reconfiguring their space, for extra cleaning, for protective equipment for staff, volunteers and the people they serve, and much more.”

In other words, the pandemic has raised the overhead for a lot of charities, so you may want to cut them some slack.

Instead, Cohen says, “Focus on the impact the nonprofit is making. Focus on a cause that matters to you. Whether that is finding homes for animals, providing shelter, enriching lives through the arts, or almost anything else you can think of, there is likely a nonprofit working on that issue.”

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U.S. News & World Report

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