Donations to Small Nonprofits Hit Harder by Covid Than Gifts to Larger Ones, Study Shows

Laura Pierce, executive director of the statewide organization Washington Nonprofits, said the data was consistent with what she’s seen in her state.

Tags: Washington, COVID-19, Community Impact

Seattle-area groups join effort to reverse Trump order to limit diversity and inclusion trainings

Washington Nonprofits is another organization who has signed the letter. Executive Director Laura Pierce says what's most concerning about the executive order is its vague language. 

Tags: Washington, Diversity, Executive Order

Strategies for starting, running and supporting nonprofits

Whether you want to donate to a reputable charity or start an organization from scratch, there are plenty of things you should be aware of when you set out to support a cause.

Tags: Washington, Starting a Nonprofit

Vancouver City Council OKs plan to fund police services

Nonprofits still disapprove of the amended proposal.

Tags: Washington, Fees, Taxes-Fees-PILOTs

To defend against ‘dark money,’ keep the Johnson Amendment

If the long-standing Johnson Amendment is repealed or weakened, there can be no doubt that savvy political donors would begin to misuse the nonprofit sector by making contributions to houses of worship and their auxiliaries for partisan political...

Tags: Washington, Johnson Amendment, Nonpartisanship

Benefits Of Group Buying Programs In The Nonprofit Sector

Laura Pierce, Executive Director of Washington Nonprofits, shared with me that her organization offers members access to the ...

Tags: Group Buying, Member Benefits, California, New York, Washington

Wealthy King County donors bankroll Olympia ballot proposal

But the Olympia initiative is not a partisan candidate. David L. Thompson, vice president of public policy for the National Council of Nonprofits, confirmed the legal distinction that allows nonprofit groups to support ballot initiatives.

Tags: Washington, Ballot Initiative

Theft can happen in any organization, but there’s help

Nancy Bacon, Washington Nonprofits director of learning, is anxious to get the word out about what the group offers and the help it can provide to charities and nonprofits looking for better management practices.

Tags: Washington, Finance, Accountability

New partnership program aims to strengthen state’s nonprofits

A new partnership was launched in January to help nonprofits in Washington state achieve their missions.

Tags: Washington, Capacity Building

Governors Declaring Policy Priorities for 2015

Legislatures in more than 40 states have convened in recent weeks, and governors are taking the opportunity to set their agendas through inaugural addresses and annual State of the State/Commonwealth speeches.

Tags: Economic Development, Education, Income Inequality, Alaska, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming
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