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Nonprofits May Face Costly Hurdles To Get Fringe Benefit Refunds

That might not seem like much, but David Thompson, vice president of public policy for the National Council of Nonprofits, said 92% of all nonprofits have revenues of less than $1 million.

Tags: Transportation Benefits Tax, UBIT, Tax Reform

Congress moves to repeal “parking tax”

The unrelated business income tax was imposed on a variety of fringe benefits such as free parking, subsidized transit passes, and use of on-premises athletic facilities.  The taxes were immediately unpopular, in part because they applied to...

Tags: Transportation Benefits Tax, UBIT, Tax Reform

GOP taxed church parking to help pay for big tax cut. Now pastors want it rolled back

The National Council of Nonprofits surveyed members in June and found plenty of anecdotal evidence the tax is “a big fat mess,” as David Thompson, the group’s vice president of public policy, put it recently...

Tags: Transportation Benefits Tax, Tax Reform, UBIT
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