Vancouver City Council OKs plan to fund police services

Nonprofits still disapprove of the amended proposal.

Tags: Washington, Fees, Taxes-Fees-PILOTs

Forum: Taxing community nonprofits won’t help municipal budgets

Some local governments are asking nonprofits for “voluntary” payments. While that is one alternative we must be careful that calling something “voluntary” truly means it is so, and not a de facto obligation for struggling nonprofits.

Tags: Connecticut, Taxes-Fees-PILOTs

State rep takes another crack at taxing nonprofits

The CEO of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, Jim Klocke, said it would oppose the bill.

Tags: Massachusetts, PILOTs, Taxes-Fees-PILOTs

Connecticut Nonprofits in a Property Tax Showdown

Connecticut has become ground zero for immediate action on proposals to change the rules on tax exemption on the property owned and used by charitable nonprofits.

Tags: Taxes-Fees-PILOTs

Action Heats Up on Nonprofit Property Tax Legislation

Every year, states consider scores of bills designed to adjust, restrict, or even expand property tax exemptions of nonprofits and foundations. This session of state legislatures is presenting greater diversity of issues and activity.

Tags: Taxes-Fees-PILOTs

Pennsylvania Communities Targeting Nonprofit Hospitals for New Revenue

Hospitals in Erie County, Pennsylvania are facing property taxes and demands for payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) to the county.

Tags: Taxes-Fees-PILOTs

Anchorage Proposes Taxes, Payments from Nonprofits

The Anchorage, Alaska Budget Advisory Commission recommended ending some property tax exemptions, including those applying to nonprofits,...

Tags: Taxes-Fees-PILOTs, Alaska

Erie YMCA Tax Exemption Challenged

The Warren County YMCA in Erie, PA may lose its tax exempt status unless it can prove that the...

Tags: Taxes-Fees-PILOTs, Pennsylvania
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