Tax Reform


Churches face taxes under new law

The 21 percent tax could cost some churches tens of thousands of dollars.

In the past week, nearly 900 organizations have signed a petition to ask Congress to get rid of the tax.

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Pennies from heaven? Overlooked provision in Republican tax bill has churches on edge

The National Council of Nonprofits – the nation’s largest network of charitable organizations — called on the IRS and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s office to delay implementation of the tax on fringe benefits.

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Donald Trump's Tax Plan Could Have Churches Paying Thousands of Dollars More

This month the National Council for Nonprofits, which is the largest network of charitable organizations, called on the IRS and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's office to delay implementation of the tax on fringe benefits.

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Republican tax law hits churches

Treasury is now working on regulations spelling out the details of how the tax will work, though the groups are supposed to have already been paying the tax. It took effect Jan. 1 and nonprofits are supposed to pay it quarterly.

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Nonprofits Call on Treasury/IRS to Delay Implementation of Ambiguous UBIT Provisions of New Tax Law

Washington, DC - The National Council of Nonprofits submitted a letter to the Department of Treasury and...

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Tax reform leaves nonprofits with ‘tsunami’ of challenges

According to David Thompson, vice president of public policy at the Washington, D.C.-based National Council of Nonprofits, charity-minded organizations are not only facing the uncertainty of new federal tax changes that don’t have clear...

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California lags other high-tax states on state and local deduction workaround

But the plan also could increase contributions if a person who previously gave $200 now gives $10,000 to get a tax credit. In this case the charity would be ahead by $800.

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Delaware budget battle: What to do with extra $350 million in revenue

Those comments are music to the ears of Sheila Bravo, CEO of the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement.

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A not so charitable situation for Baton Rouge area nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is an important one for the state.

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Law Lets Local Governments Treat Property Taxes as Charitable Contributions

Meanwhile, other concerns about the workaround have come from the state’s nonprofit community, which is already worried that the Trump tax overhaul could lead to fewer donations being made by New Jersey residents due to the increased standard...

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