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Giving, Politicking, Endowments, and CEO Pay All Could Be Affected by Tax Measure

Tim Delaney, head of the National Council of Nonprofits, worries that all nonprofits could be covered by the loosening of the politicking rules.

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Nonprofits, Nation Cannot Afford This Proposed Tax Reform Plan

Washington, DC - Tim Delaney, President and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, released the following statement in response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act...

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Tags: Tax Reform, Nonpartisanship, Charitable Giving Incentives, Charitable Deduction, Johnson Amendment

Churches Would Get More Leeway on Political Speech

Emily Peterson-Cassin of the Bright Lines Project, which urges clarity on what nonprofits can and cannot do in the political arena, said the terms “de minimis” and “ordinary course of business” give the IRS wide latitude on interpretation.

Tags: Johnson Amendment, Tax Reform, Nonpartisanship

Federal Tax Bill Targets Deductions, Endowments, Lobbying

“They did a number of things: some good, some bad, some god awful,” said David Thompson, vice president of public policy for the National Council of...

Tags: Tax Reform, Johnson Amendment, Charitable Giving Incentives, Charitable Deduction, Nonpartisanship

Paulsen, Lewis tout GOP tax plan as good deal for Minnesota

Nan Madden, director of the Minnesota Budget Project, said she’s worried that adding to the deficit would eventually put pressure on lawmakers to cut Medicaid, a contentious provision of Republicans’ failed efforts to repeal and replace the...

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Republican Tax Proposal Gets Failing Grade From Higher-Ed Groups

Mr. Flahaven said that about 30 percent of tax filers are now able to itemize their charitable gifts to reduce their tax burdens.

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Tax Bill Likely to Soften Rule Barring Politicking by Nonprofits

Most charities and religious leaders oppose scrapping the Johnson Amendment, according to multiple polls, saying it would plunge such organizations into partisan politics.

Tags: Johnson Amendment, Nonpartisanship, Tax Reform

A very unhappy 100th birthday for the charitable deduction

This month marks the 100th birthday of the federal tax deduction for charitable giving. That anniversary should be a day of celebration for all that this incentive to give has done for the American people.

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Tax reforms may pose significant hit to charitable giving

The National Council of Nonprofits responded with a statement calling for Congress and charitable nonprofits to “quickly identify relevant data and come to a consensus on how best to improve the universal charitable deduction so that all American...

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Giving Incentives, Charitable Deduction

Charities could be big losers under tax reform. One NC rep is trying to fix that.

“The universal deduction is really an essential part of tax reform,” said David Heinen, the vice president for public policy and advocacy for the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

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