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Charities Move to Offset Effects of GOP Tax Bill

Congress included a universal deduction in a 1981 tax bill, dubbed the “Christmas-tree bill” because of the many tax-cutting ornaments added by lawmakers, according to a 2016 report by the Tax Policy Center.

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How tax reform could hit charitable giving

The double whammy of doubling the standard deduction while lowering the top rate to 35% from 39.6% could reduce giving by between $5 billion and $13 billion a year, or up to 4.6%, according to a recent study by the Lilly Family School of...

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Charities Coax Lawmakers to Rethink Tax Plan

Elsewhere in the tax debate, many charities are choosing to stay on the sidelines when it comes to the estate tax, because lawmakers are unlikely to be swayed on that issue.

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Charity Inc.: National concerns

The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, along with the National Council of Nonprofits and state association leaders from around the country, continue to have concerns about three significant issues that will affect the charitable sector.

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Trump's tax plan would cut donations to Mass. nonprofits by $513M, says study

Massachusetts nonprofits could lose up to $513 million a year in donations if tax changes supported by President Donald Trump go into effect, according to a local trade group.

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Lobbying bonanza begins over Trump tax plan

Republicans lawmakers and Trump’s advisers have said that the deduction for charitable donations will be preserved, but the not-for-profit sector is still nervous.

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Trump Tax Reform Save For Charities Is Illusory

“The notion of simplifying Americans’ income taxes sounds good in concept, but it would be a shame if, in the zeal to simplify taxes, Congress creates a crisis in our communities,” said Tim Delaney, President & CEO of the National Council of...

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National Council of Nonprofits' Statement on Proposed Tax Reform Outline's Effects on Nonprofits

Washington, DC – Tim Delaney, President & CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, the nation’s largest network of charitable...

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13 groups that could muck up tax reform

One idea contained in the Trump transition tax plan was capping itemized deductions, which could limit wealthy people’s ability to write off charitable donations.

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Got Influence?

When it comes to tax reform in the U.S. Senate, nonprofits from eleven states have the inside track on delivering the message on how tax exemptions, giving incentives, and regulations affect the work that charitable nonprofits perform every day...

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