Tax Exemption


Streamlined EO Application Must Go, Group Says

A short and simple IRS form used by groups seeking tax-exempt status as charitable organizations should be replaced by a new version to prevent ineligible organizations from obtaining exemption, according to a national network of nonprofits.

Tags: Form 1023-EZ, Tax Exemption

Streamlined Nonprofit Application Needs Fixing, IRS Told

A form used to streamline the approval process for obtaining tax-exempt status should be recreated because it has failed to ensure that the IRS grants exempt status to only eligible organizations, the National Council of Nonprofits said in a...

Tags: IRS, Tax Exemption, Form 1023-EZ

Hundreds of charities lose tax-exempt status

Jim Klocke, CEO of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, said he isn't sure how many charities were affected, but he called the glut of revocations "a very serious issue that needs to be resolved by the IRS immediately."

Tags: Revocation, Tax Exemption, Massachusetts

IRS Says It Sent Premature Tax-Exemption Revocation Notices

While the agency's statement said that organizations that attempted to file electronically by July 15 were not listed in that database, it did include some entities that lost their tax-exempt status on May 15, the original filing deadline for...

Tags: Revocation, Tax Exemption

Who's minding the store on nonprofits?

The NTA report criticized the 1023-EZ’s “checkbox approach” that asks applicants to attest that they qualify for a tax exemption rather than having to demonstrate that they meet the requirements.

Tags: Form 1023-EZ, Tax Exemption

Other fallout

David Thompson of the National Council of Nonprofits told Morning Tax that it’s unclear now whether the IRS is electronically accepting other versions of the 990 form that outlines nonprofits’ financial information, but that being able to file is...

Tags: Government Shutdown, Tax Exemption

Allentown slaps nonprofits with business tax; one hits back with lawsuit

Anne Gingerich, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, said she has not seen a municipality charge a business privilege tax to a nonprofit in her five-year tenure with the organization.

Tags: Pennsylvania, Tax Exemption

Kentucky nonprofits may receive sales tax exemption

According to Danielle Clore, Kentucky Nonprofit Network executive director, organizations are having to spend time and money trying to understand the new laws, determine how the changes affect them and adjust their business practices to comply....

Tags: Kentucky, Sales Tax, Tax Exemption

‘Anxiety and frustration.’ KY charities struggle as new tax hits fund-raising events.

Nonprofits around Kentucky are still trying to figure out exactly how the law applies to them, said Danielle Clore, executive director of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network. The new tax law was approved by the legislature in the spring.

Tags: Kentucky, Tax Exemption, Sales Tax

Michigan Supreme Court denies City of Dexter appeal of Wellness Center’s tax exemption

“Today’s decision and the previous ones by the COA and the Supreme Court in the Baruch case, demonstrate that Michigan courts understand the societal value that charitable nonprofits bring to their communities and the state,” says Joan Bowman,...

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